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Bluetooth декодер Мп3 Дисплей USB, SD FM ДУ Бездротова аудіосистема Автомобільний FLAC, APE, MP3-плеєр

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836 грн

+380 (63) 120-20-90
  • +380 (67) 504-09-44
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Bluetooth декодер Мп3 Дисплей USB, SD FM ДУ Бездротова аудіосистема Автомобільний FLAC, APE, MP3-плеєр
Bluetooth декодер Мп3 Дисплей USB, SD FM ДУ Бездротова аудіосистема Автомобільний FLAC, APE, MP3-плеєрНемає в наявності
836 грн
+380 (63) 120-20-90
  • +380 (67) 504-09-44


Модуль плати без втрат Кольоровий екран Bluetooth-декодер Дисплей USB світлодіодний індикатор Бездротова аудіосистема Автомобільний MP3-плеєр Аксесуари для динаміків

Product description:

Power type:DC9-12V power supply (current more than 1A)

Size: 120*63MMMM
Output amplitude: greater than 800M
Rated power consumption: USB playback current is less than 120MA, other states are less than 80MA
Operating temperature: -20 ° C -60 ° C
Main feature:
1. Support stereo Bluetooth speaker function,  mobile phone and other devices can send music to speakers (A2DP) via Bluetooth
2. Support the speaker terminal to switch the up and down songs through the Bluetooth control mobile phone and other devices, adjust the volume
3. Bluetooth is based on CLASS2 power level, adopts Bluetooth 4.2 specification, compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and below, and the transmission speed can reach 3Mbit/s.
4. Supports playing music on SD/MMC Card and U disk. The music formats are: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV (excluding license)
5. Support FM, the frequency band is: 87MHZ-108MHZ;
6. Support AUX input, ie external audio source can access the speaker through AUX and adjust the volume on the speaker
7. Support speaker status broadcast.
8. Support function switching hotkey (one button in Card, u disk, AUXIN, FM, Bluetooth playback) (MODE button on the remote control is the function switch button);
9. Support firmware encryption;
10. Support USB/SD upgrade
11.FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT/Fat64 file system support;
12. Support directory level: 8 level subdirectories;
13. Number of supported files: the number of files is not limited to a single directory and the total number of music files is less than 9999;
14. Support SD/MMC/SDHC;
15. Support USB2.0, fully compatible with USB1.1;
16.32 volume level
17. Support background Bluetooth, play card/U disk music and FM in case of Bluetooth connection;
18. Support Spp remote control, that is, the phone can support the remote control function of the speaker after installing the APK or APP.
19.DC input for 9V to 12V power supply
20. Higher security: anti-power reverse design, even if the power is reversed, it will not burn the product.
21. Support Bluetooth function call
22. LED digital tube indicates working status and playing time, any state is clear according to the size of the music.

Package included:

1PC MP3 Decoder Board 1PC Remote Control

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  • Ціна: 836 грн

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